What Does Safe Look Like?

You are aware that without a 3 star lock then 10 seconds after a burglar walks up to your door they will be inside your house (and you probably didn’t even hear it whilst being in bed).

The following link is for Sold Secure diamond standard locks-my personal preference to shortlisted products as these are locksmith tested as well as 3 star approved:


We have added images as well (you don’t want to remove the lock to determine if it’s on the list) but the 3 stars are a good giveaway your home is safe (or not if you don’t have the 3 stars).

We wanted to include images simply because we have heard the advice:

  • It should have a horizontal keyway to be safe-well as you can see that’s not true.  To note some locks have horizontal keyway that are not safe against lock snapping.
  • It should have a dimple key to be safe. Again you can see that’s not true.

The list (as of September 2018) is:

  • ABS Eurocylinder Mk3-A
  • Avocet ABS Master Cylinder
  • Apecs AP (Dimple Key)
  • ATK Attack Series
  • ERA Invincible Cylinder
  • Federal YCF Cylinder
  • Fortress Cylinder
  • Ultion

At Dawson-Sawyer Locksmiths we are licensed with Brisant who, we believe, have the best product. Dawson-Sawyer Locksmiths are probably more affordable than you think.

Sold Secure Diamond Locks