Although a trained and certified locksmith we do not offer an emergency service.  We prefer to offer a service delivered at a mutually agreed time.

Our Services include:

Home Move

We schedule to arrive on your move in day and replace the locks within the property. We stock the most popular sizes of locks offering 3 star protection (Police recommended door standard).

Lock Upgrade

We take your locks to the latest standard to ensure you are protected against modern entry techniques. 

Insurance Review

We are able to review your home insurance documents and review your home to ensure you meet their requirement.

Lock Replacement

Keys get lost, not sure who has a key.  We can replace locks from a single cylinder to a full property.  We can even provide a single key solution to multiple doors (if required).  Referred to as ‘keyed alike’ means a single key can open multiple doors.

Garage or Outbuilding Security

Not just your home door and window locks but we can help with garage, shed and outbuilding doors and windows.  We can even fabricate bars for windows if required.

Domestic Protection Package

Starting with a security audit we look not only at your property, outbuildings but surroundings and crime statistics. A holistic analysis of your situation to determine what security would be required.