Why do I need to upgrade my locks?

Burglary techniques advance.  Those techniques once only known to a few are now available to all on the internet.

  • Lock Snapping
  • Lock Bumping
  • Drilling
  • Picking

Google it, you will find a guide. As techniques improve, manufacturers respond and industry support them.  All you need to know is that the most common lock in the UK (Euro Cylinder) has a simple standard-3 stars.

3 Stars-Is that a manufacturer?

No, there are multiple manufacturers that produce locks to the TS007 3 star standard.  The other standard to watch is the Sold Secure Diamond standard.

Dawson Sawyer Locksmiths use the Ultion-a diamond standard 3 star lock.

I’ve a Mortice Lock-what can you do?

Is it a 5 lever mortice lock (BS3621)?-not sure.  Let us check and if its not we can replace with a 5 lever mortice lock.

I’ve a Yale Lock-can you help?

We would recommend a deadlock rim cylinder lock and we hold these in stock.  These locks are not recommended as the only security on an exterior door.  They are often used with an Oval cylinder or mortice lock.

Okay, You have lock options-why else would I upgrade?

Your insurer may not pay out if your property was broken into (I’ve seen 3 lever mortice locks in exterior doors).

Check out my media and watch how quickly a cylinder lock can be broken into (10 seconds).

Lock snapping is becoming more common and many anti-snap cylinders (and 1 star cylinders) can be snapped.  Only 3 star cylinders have been tested and proved to withstand an attack. 

A high security 3 star lock is a deterrent-a burglar can see the 3 stars and hopefully move next door.