Your Local Locksmith in Wombwell.

Dawson-Sawyer Locksmiths are here to provide residents in Wombwell with a variety of locksmith services.

Our services include all the usual:

  • Lock changes due to house move or lost keys
  • Snapped key removal
  • Upgrading locks to the latest standard to protect you from common attacks (snapping/bumping)
  • Door and Window Alignment (for sticking doors/windows and locks)
  • Toe and Heel double glazed units-misaligned glass
  • Installation of secondary security

As well as some of the more unusual

  • We can fabricate steel bars and brackets for additional security to sheds, gates and garages
  • Garage Door, Shed/ or outbuilding security
  • We co-ordinate activity and work with partners to assist with CCTV and burglar alarms

If you have a concern about your home security then ring us on

07500 171819 or email

We do not charge for advice so feel free to contact us if you have a concern, equally we are happy to conduct an on-site review.  Our security audit looks not only at your property but the surrounding area.  We work with you as the homeowner to understand your concerns and your habits.

As much as your property is unique so are your habits, belongings and family dynamics.  All these have an impact on your security needs.  We endeavour to come up with a solution that balances security with your needs.

We are a local and friendly locksmith company in Barnsley.  As residents we live and work in Barnsley, with a desire to improve the overall security of the area. We also try to work with suppliers as local as possible.  Our garage defenders are manufactured in Rotherham and our Ultion locks come from Dewsbury.  So, keep it local with Dawson-Sawyer Locksmiths.