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May 2020-Barnsley Burglary Figures

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Burglary Figures for May-lowest in 10 years for Barnsley. Oh wait, everyone was at home.  Clearly the Corona virus has been the biggest factor with the reduction of burglary-or has it? As I continue installing high security locks,…

Barnsley Burglary-April 2020


As expected during lockdown we have seen a decline in burglary.  However, it is all comparative as although burglary is down compared to last year, we are still above other years. The current trend appears to be thefts…

Barnsley Burglary Stats-Jan to Feb 2020


In Barnsley in 2020 during January and February a burglary took place (on average) every 4 hours! This post is to inform and not to scare-I believe our statistic is much better than Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. Although…